Web Hosting should be cheap!

Website hosting is a lot like Website Design, it shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

And it doesn’t. Not if you’re doing it right.

Our Web Hosting Packages range from $89 to $219 for 6-months. That’s only $15 and $35 per month, respectively!


We’re upfront about our website hosting too, and we’ll tell you outright that we are resellers, pure and simple.

What’s that mean? It means we don’t own the servers, we don’t look after their software and upkeep and security, and we don’t have the responsibility of all the time and energy it takes to even keep a server secure, let alone do anything with it.

What we DO look after is YOU.

We set up and and configure the best ways to run the web site that you want, we set security and update alerts to come to us, so that we can stay on top of keeping your site secure, and we manage the storage space on your server so that you don’t get dinged for going over on server capacity.

Email Accounts and Email Forwarders

It’s a well-known fact that an email address that has your domain name in it, like @smoovewebsites, has significantly more credential-building impact than a generic address that has a @gmail, @hotmail, @iinet or @bigpond address.

Our Web Hosting Packages have both email addresses and email forwarders.

What’s the difference? Basically, when you have an email address, you can log in and check mail with it the same as you would your gmail or hotmail, but when you send an email, it will come FROM your actual address.

This is different from an email forwarder, where you can get mail sent to info@smoovewebsites.com and have it forwarded to your smoovewebsites@gmail.com address. If you’re in love with running all your emails out of one spot like Gmail, then this is the way to go. The ONLY downfall is when you reply to someone, it will be coming from your Gmail address, not the address it was sent to.

Either way works, and we recommend having both!

Best practice, and what we advise when setting up your hosting, is to have a “Main Address” like admin@ or info@ or something similar, and have your forwarders all set to go to that one. So sales@ and support@ can all funnel into the admin@ and when you reply to any of those emails, it’s all still coming from the same domain, making you look slick and professional!

Which brings us to your domain.

Long and the short of it is, it works best if you let us register a name for you using your credentials and you can manage it however you like, or you can pay us to do it. Hell, you can even log in, change the password and lock us out if you want!

Transferring a domain name is a bit more of a complex process. We can still do it for you, no worries, but we’ll need more of your help on that one.

Check this page out for more information on Domain Name Hosting.