Web Design is vital to your website. It needs to be attractive, appealing and reflect what you want out of your website.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford what that takes though.


Website design is, on average, around $1500. That’s probably on the low end, to be honest, as if you want to SELL anything on an eCommerce website, you’re likely looking at 3 to 4 times that amount. $5000 for a website with a Shopping Cart is common.

Or you can get one for FREE with Wix, Squarespace or even Yola, and that’s fine if you just want something and you don’t have major plans for it. But just like anything you post on Instagram or Youtube, it’s NOT YOURS anymore.

It’s your content, and it should STAY yours

You can only do so much within the bounds of someone else’s website space. And if they decide to pull the plug or ditch your content, they can, and all your stuff is GONE.

Smoove Websites is all about setting up what you need to Do It Yourself and Make It Your Own!

Of course, you don’t have to DIY if you don’t want to, and can always pay us to do that as well. Much of that comes included in our website design packages anyway!

With us, It’s ALL YOURS

We set everything up, then we turn it over to you, and it’s all yours.

Usernames, passwords, accounts, they are all in YOUR name and you can transfer them, ignore them, hand them to another web outfit or ask us to keep looking after them.

We’re not like other web design companies that insist that you use our proprietary software or only allow limited access to the raw data of your website content.

NOT Smoove Websites.

The reason we’re “smoove” is because it’s all easy mode.

Your website design? YOURS. You want the raw files so that you can host it somewhere else? DONE.

Your database? Your emails? You want the data so that you can move the entire website to another host? DONE.

Your domain? You want a transfer authorisation? Or even the login credentials to do it yourself? DONE.

Hell, it’s already in your name, that’s how we sign them up!

The price you pay is for our time and expertise in setting up your domain name, design and hosting account, and that’s it.

Why are we the cheapest and easiest?

Because we’re not trying to pay rent on some pretentious office in the CBD.

We’re not paying to keep a contract with overworked, underpaid overseas designers and developers in under-developed countries.

We’re not charging you thousands for what takes us a few hours, simply to cover the costs we’ll incur while we drive to your office and smoovetalk you into more than you need.

We’re only charging you for what you NEED.

We’re offering FREE website design templates (themes) from WordPress.org themselves.

We’re charging you to set up your domain name, install and configure your theme (that YOU chose), copy and configure your content (making it look as nice as possible, if needed), set up email addresses and forwarders (if needed) and host it all on our servers (shared or dedicated) for 6-months.

And that’s all included in our low prices.

Our cheapest package is only $298, and that alone will get you farther than the $1000 you’d spend anywhere else in Australia.

Our most expensive is only $708, and that’s STILL cheaper than the cheapest customised website you’ll get anywhere else that is still yours to keep.

Want to know more?