We’re being sociable!

First, we joined Facebook. Which is fairly easy and is a decent platform for promotion because you just get one of your admins to send an “Invite” to all of his friends.

Sure, you risk annoying some of them because you’re spamming your business at them, but them’s the breaks. Some of them might actually feel like you’re only friends with them to further your own business exploits.

They’d be right, but they don’t need to know that. Not until you reach 10K followers first.

Then, we joined Instagram. Because if you’re already on Facebook, you just hit a button that says, “Yeah, that’s me” instead of typing and logging in and all that jazz.

Less typing.

We’re just happy that Instagram finally let us upload pics from our computer these days. We’ll be uploading pics of our promotions, giveaways and deals and stuff, not of sunsets from the beach or our fancy brunches.

Then we joined Twitter because tweeting is all kinds of The Rage these days and we twit like a twet when we tweeter our twittings.

We’ll be tweeting our promotions, of course, but potentially also our thoughts on web design and what it should truly cost. Maybe they’ll be clever and go viral! Then we’ll take over the WORLD, mwuhahahahahaha!