Just that. Your domain name, your website code, data, images and even emails, are all available to you through the login credentials we’ll give to you.

That doesn’t mean you login to OUR site and can make changes. It means you log in to the actual website that has your stuff on it.

EXAMPLE: We register your domain name with VentraIP and create a hosting account for you with them as well. After you’ve paid us for the website design package, we give you the logins!

If you know what you’re doing, you can download your data, transfer your domain to another registrar or simply make changes to your account (dedicated server plans only).

You paid for it, it’s yours.

No catch. We just know that websites shouldn’t cost so much!

We’ve been building websites since the web first existed and we know that back in the day, it took a lot of time and effort to make one work well. Hundreds of man-hours went into them and they cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

But those days are over. You don’t need to build a website from the ground up any more!

Someone has already written code that does what you want.

Someone has already designed a header, a menu, a footer, a Shopping Cart, a news template…

Anything you could want has already been done!

It’s out there, and most of it is FREE.

We use those FREE components and connect all the bits together, and that’s it.

You’re not paying for us to build something from-scratch (or pretend to, like most website design firms), you’re just paying for our time and expertise. That’s it.

Too easy.

Just hit How It Works and follow the cues.

We’ll walk you through how to enter your information with us and then we’ll do everything else for you.


Nope, sorry. Not with us anyway.

What you CAN get, is any WordPress Theme you wish! You can select from any of the website design themes that we've already got, or you can browse the WordPress site for any others that you like.

Or you can even browse sites like ThemeIsle, ThemeForest or TemplateMonster and pick something out from there.

You can even purchase a Theme from someone else but it will be up to you to provide us with either the files or access to download and install it (including any license keys!). You'll need to have a Website Design Package that includes this as well (Executive or above).

Of course!

Part of your package will include the ability to upload your logo and images for each of the pages included in your package.

You can also select a Main Colour and a Secondary Colour for your website, and we'll use those choices to try and match not just your logo, but your branding.

And, of course, if you know what you're doing with WordPress (or are willing to learn!) you'll have full admin access to the WordPress Backend where you can make Any Changes You Wish!

Yep! Once your website is all set up, we'll provide you with the WordPress administrator login and you can get in there and go nuts.

If you know WordPress at all, or are at least willing to learn, you can upload your own themes, plugins, create unlimited pages, upload your own images and content, just about anything you could want.

Be warned though, breaking anything that requires us to fix it will incur additional costs.

Yes. Sorry, but that's the only option for now.

We've found WordPress to be capable of just about anything the average website owner could want, so we're sticking with it.

If you're cancelling your subscription (hosting) with us, we'll compress (ZIP) and download your theme, media and database, and give them to you.

Of course, if you have a dedicated server on our hosting package (Sedan Hosting or above) and you know CPANEL then you can do this any time you want!

Every file and scrap of data that's involved in your website is yours, any time you want, no worries.


No problem! Price stays the same either way.

You could pay us for a Luxury Website Design Package, get the cheapest hosting option, and it will cost $588.

And that is STILL about half the price you’ll find for an eCommerce-ready website!

Plus, we’ll give you all the code and data, everything you’ve signed up for, and you can host with whomever you wish, no worries.

Nope, sorry.

We’re here to help people get a website. If you’ve already got one, you don’t really need us. It just gets too complicated.

Besides, we’re completely transparent here, and we’ll happily admit we’re just a hosting reseller anyway. You can hit Google and find a better deal (maybe even with the same host we have!) because that’s not our bag.

Sure! As long as you've got a Website Design Package with us that includes a dedicated server, then we'll provide you with the logins for your webserver, no worries!


Everything! Depending on your hosting package, of course.

Every package includes full access to the WordPress admin.

Sedan and Above hosting packages have full access to the CPANEL section of their web server. Coupe Hosting Package has Webmail and FTP access (which is still pretty good!).