Smoove Free Hosting


We’re offering 6-months FREE hosting any time you Refer-A-Friend.

How’s that work?

Simple. If you’re currently a customer, and you get a friend to sign up to a Website Design Package too, and they mention you in their order (or one of you informs us in some manner – email if you must) then we’ll mark the next cycle of your hosting as “FREE”.

Do you get the Free Stuff straightaway?

No, sorry. But you DO get a year’s worth of hosting for the price of only 6 months. That’s a pretty good deal.

What if you get Multiple Friends to sign up?

Holy cats! DO IT.

We’ll just keep giving you FREE hosting! Hell, you refer two friends and we’ll REFUND YOUR MONEY for the first 6 months you already paid for! Keep it coming.

In all seriousness, thanks for being a customer. You rock.