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That’s right, free.

If you’re already a customer and you refer a friend that also becomes a customer, you get 6-months FREE hosting.

It’s super simple. Just get your friend to mention that you referred them in the order notes when they sign up for a new package.

We’ll see the note and credit your account with a full 6-months hosting!

Since the change will show when the system goes to charge you for your next round of hosting (in 6-month increments) you might not notice it at first.

But when it comes time to pay for your next 6-months worth of hosting, YOURS WILL BE FREE.

Just our way of saying ‘thank you’ for sharing us around. We’re easy like that.


Smoove Free Hosting


Yep, you heard right. FREE.

Once a month, for the remainder of 2022, we’ll give away a FREE Website Design Package, hosting included!

You’ll simply need to Create An Account on this website, and follow us on the Socials below, then keep a lookout for our announcements.

So sign up now!

We’ll be announcing another one soon!

Smoove Free Website