Here’s what YOU have to do:
  1. You create an account.
  2. You purchase a Website Package.
  3. You enter the Domain Name info.
  4. You select a Web Design Theme.
  5. You enter relevant Web Site Content.
  6. Boom, you’re done.
  7. Give us up to 2 weeks and your website will go live!
Here’s what WE do:
  1. Register (or Transfer) your chosen domain name.
  2. Set up your chosen hosting package (takes a few days).
  3. Set up the website theme you selected.
  4. Configure your design as per your selections.
  5. Send YOU the logins for all these accounts.
  6. Boom, we’re done!

After that, we host your site for 6 months (cost included in Website Design Package).

No lock-in contract, no hassle, no catch, no strings attached.

You can leave any time, with all of your code, data and content.